Jasper Hawks

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About Me (Cont.)

I'd like to talk about how I work, my methods of developing software and my strengths and weaknesses.


I find I work best in collaboartive environments where feedback is easily exchanged and jobs are quick to pick up and turn around. This one of the many reasons I enjoy the AGILE workflow. Having groups of devs using their collective knowledge of obscure bugs and codebase quirks has helped me turnaround solutions quickly and efficently.

Strengths & Weaknesses

One of my best strengths is my ability to adapt and think of creative solutions to complex problems. I also excel on working on multiple issues at once, and I don't frustrate easily.

I have difficulty explaining technical issues to non-technical people. Because I don't frustrate easily I can often seem aloof to critical issues or new projects that I am passionate or excited about.

My Philosophy

Simple, Extensible, Efficient. These are the three pillars of my philosophy. Described below.

My Philosophy (Cont.)


Simple code is easy to read and explain to those who have no familiarity with the codebase or computer science itself. This means not overengineering solutions to simple problems. Not importing large frameworks for small issues, and making sure that the code explains itself with as few comments as possible.


Extensible code is written with the idea that bugs and features aren't a matter of if but when. Writing code that keeps the future in mind helps the current and future developers maintain and update code you've written.


Efficient Code leverages as few resources as possible for speed. There's no excuse to use resources friviously. I enjoy knowing how computers work and how to write extremely efficient code.